Reservations required for the culture experience.

1. KIMONO dressing

Numbers of people are attracted by kimonos.

The style of Kimono has changed a lot during 1000 years and reached the aspect that we currently know at the 17 th century. They are now a relevant part of Japanese culture.

We deeply suggest you trying on a kimono and to spend a very pleasant and exceptional moment.

The staff of “Sakuraya” is highly skilled to show you the correct way to try on properly a kimono. You will be invited to choose a kimono among a wide range of rental clothes, which suits for seasons.

Moreover, you can try on particular ceremony’s kimonos such as the Haori Hakama (formal kimono for men) and the Furisode (traditional formal kimono with long sleeves for single woman).

Fee : usual kimono : Sakuraya-guest 3000 yen /Visitor 4000 yen
(freetime, and free to do such as going to the restaurant, walking through the town etc.).

Furisode or Haori Hakama: Sakuraya-guest 4000 yen /Visitor 5000 yen
(Enjoy inside our guesthouse.)

2. Japanese tea tasting

How many varieties of tea have you tasted since you came to Japan?
Do you know the difference between matcha and ryokucha?

Brought from the Asian mainland to Japan in the 9th century, tea has matured into a unique element of Japanese culture with so-called Nihoncha (Japanese tea, particularly sencha), non-fermented tea differing from Chinese tea, which is mainly fermented.
Nowadays there is tea savored in the somewhat formal atmosphere of the tea ceremony (Sadô or the “way of tea”) or tea enjoyed more informally at meals or with snacks.
Would you like to try tasting the various teas that the Japanese drink in different situations?

In addition to hearing a short history of tea and description of brewing methods in English, you’ll have a chance to savor four varieties of tea, starting with matcha (powdered tea) and sencha. The tea varieties are served with small traditional tea sweets (chagashi).

Fee: Sakuraya-guest 1200 yen / visitor 1500 yen

3. Calligraphy

“Let’s try the ancient art of JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY!”

In a quiet tatami room, we will write flowing script with relax and focused attention.

Using Chinese characters you can write: your name, a poetic impression or an inspiring thought.

Instructor: NISHINA Yoko

NISHINA Yoko is a professional calligrapher who teaches in Kyoto and Nara.

Her artistic ability has received national recognition and her work has been displayed in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Yoko is a friendly and insightful teacher with a good command of English.

Fee: Sakuraya-guest 4000 yen/Visitor 5000 yen for a 2 hour session.

All supplies are included in set fee.

Your finished work will be a wonderful souvenir of your visit to Japan.

4. new activity

We are making new class.
Coming soon!